Verdict: McCain vs Obama Debate

September 28, 2008

After watching Friday night’s debate and assimilating the verdicts of various analysts and pundits, I think it’s fair to say the debate was a draw, or a very slight Obama win. John McCain performed better than expected, and Obama proved, once again, that he is a very capable and knowledgeable person who can be trusted as President.

Obama landed some good punches, including a triple rendering of “You were wrong,” referring to John McCain’s Iraq war judgement. Obama also hit McCain, after McCain critisized Obama for openly endorsing an attack on Al-Queda forces in Pakistan, by dismissing McCain’s foreign policy credibility, especially after “singing songs about bombing Iran.”

McCain also scored some by trying to paint Obama as inexperienced, saying several times throughout the debate, that Obama “just does not understand.” However, he appeared dismissive and condescending toward Obama.

Next stop is the Vice-Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. We will be there!

Mental Health Break

September 28, 2008

Okay, this is too funny!!! Obama sings to Kanye West, featuring John McCain, Sarah Palin, and George Bush.

My First Real ASP.NET App

September 26, 2008

Peep the ASP.NET web app I just made for work. I’ve blurred out the text, for privacy purposes. It was made with Visual Studio.NET, using Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise 2003. The code is ugly, trust me. ASP.NET, SQL, Javascript, and VBScript. Not bad, huh?

Sarah Palin, Lies, Cover-ups, and Deceit.

September 24, 2008

Andrew Sullivan, of The Atlantic, wrote a revealing piece today that summarized the falsehood-ridden candidacy of Republican Vice-Presidential nominee and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. These paragraphs sum it all up:

So for the record, let it be known that the candidate for
vice-president for the GOP is a compulsive, repetitive, demonstrable
You cannot trust a word she says. On

Read the full article here.

Real Time: Politics, Religion, and Terrorism

September 21, 2008

On Friday’s edition of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” which is one of my favourite TV shows, guests Andrew Sullivan and sparred with host Maher over his outspoken anti-religious views. It was an interesting segment of the show, and I was impressed with Sullivan’s open stance on his faith, and how it differs from the term “religion,” which Maher brands as the cause of all the problems in the world today.

Watch a clip below:

Wall Street Crumbles: Bush-isms

September 19, 2008

Wall Street is crumbling, but let’s joke about it instead. I made up this one.

Treasury Secretary: Mr. President, Wall Street is on the verge of crumbling.

George W. Bush: Why don’t we just take another street? And why is it crumbling? Get some engineers in there.


September 19, 2008

The 2008 MTV Video Music Awards was quite entertaining, but not close to some great nights we have seen in the past.

It was great to see a rejuvenated Britney Spears at the awards show, although it was a shame that she won the night’s big awards, including video of the year. MTV clearly kissed up to Britney, to make up for the disaster at last year’s awards show. Likewise Kanye West, who scored the closing performance, a year after he threw a “Kanye moment” and spazzed out backstage at the awards show.

Lil Wayne owned the night, in my opinion. With a thrilling rendition of “I don’t get it,” “A Milli,” and “Get money,” his performance was the most colourful and memorable, save Rihanna’s crazy costumed dances, and Pink’s balcony jumping antics.

Michael Phelps also made an introduction, and I bet we will be seeing more of the superhuman Olympics hero this year.

Sarah Who?

September 19, 2008

I haven’t had the chance to blog for a bit now.

First, this whole Sarah Palin thing. While she’s very good looking, charismatic, and likeable; I’m convinced beyond any doubt that she is grossly unqualified to be anywhere near the White House.

John McCain, 73 years old, desperately picked her to win himself an election. It shows that he doesn’t care about the leadership of his country, in the event that he becomes incapacitated in office, especially with his health conditions. He has whored himself out on this one. Yes, whored.

She was mayor of a town of 7000 for 8 years, before becoming governor of Alaska, one of America’s most detached and obscure states, a position she has held for ONLY 20 months. She obtained a journalism degree after a 6 year sojourn between 5 colleges, worked as a local newscaster, and then served in an Alaskan oil agency. She only traveled outside America for the first time last year, and that is even more indication of how unexposed she is to the national and international stages.

Palin should not have accepted the offer to be Vice-Presidential candidate. McCain will lose this election (unless, as I have said, a major incident like another 9/11, or Obama being spotted with Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Osama bin Laden, takes place before November) and his loss will be detrimental to what could be a promising political career for Sarah Palin.