Will You Pay to Use FlickR, Facebook, or your Email?

April 5, 2009


Interesting Los Angeles Times article about how our favourite free web tools could start charging us service fees. The rationale is good, and I agree that this will happen sooner than we expect. Read the article here.


Shocker: Facebook isn’t “really” profitable

November 2, 2008

Like a few of the major tech companies out of Silicon Valley and elsewhere, Facebook boasts a  mega-large user base and hundreds of millions of dollars in ad revenue. However, according to Social Networking Watch, Facebook is running out of cash. Read the shocker here.

Apple Exceeds Google’s Market Share

August 15, 2008

Did anyone see this coming? I think so. Reports confirm that Apple has exceeded Google’s market share, thanks to sales from the high-flying iPhone 3G, and related brands. Apple’s current market value is $159.37 billion, compared to Google’s: $157.56 billion.

Read more here.

New Heinz Ad: Marketing Genius or Gay Propaganda?

June 23, 2008

The new Heinz mayonnaise ad, which has been airing in the UK, has generated quite a bit of controversy over the past couple of weeks.

[See video at end of post] Viewers are caught by surprise when the two male characters share a quick gay kiss at the end of the video.

Unsurprisingly, the ad has quickly turned into a liberal vs conservative debate, and people appear to have missed the point.

The video campaign, which has cost Heinz millions of dollars, has paid off because it has got millions of people all over the world talking about it.

One of the key strategies to brand marketing is “the surprise factor.” The makers of this ad have masterfully executed this strategy to leave a long term imprint the viewers’ mind.

It has gone from being just another mediocre 30-second commercial to a catchy, controversial product seller. This stuff is marketing genius.