Seven Ways To Lower System Storage

March 23, 2009

A very good read from ITWorld. Check it out here.


The King of All Mashups

March 20, 2009


WOW. This is the best thing I’ve heard in ages. Okay, I do love mashups.

Jaydiohead (Jay-Z and Radiohead) was epic, Eminelton (Eminem and Elton John) was alright; The Grey Album (The Beatles and Jay-Z was okay.

But this new mashup from Super Mash Bros is on a whole different level. You HAVE to download the album here.


Twitter is here to stay

February 16, 2009


Twitter just secured $35 million in funding. Tech IS recession-proof! Been using it since the early days, glad that they’ve proven the doubters wrong.

Read ITWorld’s announcement here.

Transfer Blackberry contacts to your iPhone!!!

February 16, 2009

Although I do not approve of ditching the Blackberry, I know people who have tried (and failed) doing this. ITWorld has a great article on how to export your contact lists from your Blackberry to your iPhone.  Read here.

The Plug linked by Technorati!!!

February 4, 2009


Well, yours truly’s blog has an inbound link from… Technorati.

Yup, THAT Technorati: the holy book of all tech blogs.

This is amazing! My Ruby on Rails post is the 7th highest ranked post tagged for Ruby on Rails on Technorati!!! It’s always great to know that people out there read my blog. Especially, via Technorati.

Check it out here.

The Ruby on Rails Application Framework

February 1, 2009

Recently, I wrote a technical report on Ruby on Rails. Read and enjoy here.

Cool Apps for Blackberry Storm

January 29, 2009


Since I will be getting one soon, I’ve decided to start an early look at some of the Storm apps out there.

There are some pretty cool ones. Check them out here.